Answer the Call

08A236C1-4782-4E41-8831-F8DC18017A01.jpeg    The summer of my senior year of high school, I went to a church camp in Tennessee. I remember one night, he told us that God does not need us to accomplish His will. At first I was a bit confused, but he continued with a word of encouragement. He said, “God does not need you to accomplish His will. He does not need you, but He wants you. He is calling you, but it is your choice on whether you answer or not.” 

    Flash forward two years…

    This morning, I opened my Bible to Matthew 1 and almost considered skipping to chapter 2 because I knew it was the genealogy of Jesus. Yes, it is so important, but I wanted something I could apply to my daily life. (Oh the irony… This ended up being above and beyond what I believed it to be.) I decided to read it anyway, and I am so glad that I did because the Father knew I needed it. I looked at verses 1-17 and I was astounded. Before I read them, I counted how many men and women were born to be used in the line of bringing the King to earth. These people, regardless of their backgrounds, their struggles, and their lives, were used of God in order to bring the Savior to earth. There were 41 people named that were used to carry the will of God. I heard exactly what I needed once again from the speaker at that summer camp, “He does not need you in order to do His will, but He wants to use you.”

    I noticed two names in specific—two people the Father knew I needed to see in the genealogy. The first one was Rahab. For those of you unfamiliar with Rahab, she was originally a harlot (whoremonger) that God called to be used. In this, I realized that God is the Master Recycler. He can take anyone’s life, turn it around, and use it for His purpose. Rahab is one example of this, seeing that she was named in the genealogy as the mother of Boaz. The second name was Ruth. For anyone who may not know very much about Ruth, she was a pagan, she lost her husband, then had to flee to Bethlehem with her mother-in-law (Naomi). In the middle of the journey with her sister-in-law and Naomi, Naomi demanded that they would go back to their land with their families. Ruth 1:16 states, “But Ruth said, ‘Do not urge me to leave you or to return from following you. For where you go I will go, and where you lodge I will lodge. Your people shall be my people, and your God my God.’” Ruth’s loyalty lead her to be named as the mother of Obed who is another line for the King to be born. 

    Dear readers, get this, I beg. You matter. He wants to use you for His purpose, because you matter! Every choice you make is either an answer to His will for your life or the opposite. Do not allow your life to be a waste. He wants to use you, but you have to make that choice for your own life. He would love to use you, but if your heart is so hard or your head to strong, He will have to use someone else to accomplish His will. 

    The beauty of the Savior is that He does not care what your past looks like, He wants to use you anyway. Perhaps you are a Rahab. Maybe you were, or are stuck in sin. Guess what? That was me too! The glory of my Jesus is that He gave His life so that the blood could wash our stains that we may have new life that is worthy of living. Maybe you don’t associate with Rahab, but more Ruth. Perhaps you were in a low place in your life, but determined that it would not stop you from turning to Christ and then being sculpted by Him. Regardless of your story of sin and heartache, He wants to use you for His will. Answer the call that your life may be lived as one that counts for the sake of the Kingdom. 

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